Often in marriage, spouses find themselves at opposite ends of an issue. In the best scenarios, partners will reach an understanding either by way of compromise or by graciously conceding. 

The stakes are raised, however, when those opposing views relate to an issue the parents feel strongly about.  While contrasting positions on child rearing, in general, frequently become a source of friction, tensions are increased tenfold when it comes to decisions of great consequence, such as medical decisions.  After all, each has the best interest of the child in mind and is not willing to risk their child’s health. 

Now add to that scenario a set of divorced parents.  Negotiations may well end in a standstill.  Then what?  What recourse does a parent with shared legal custody have to ensure that their decisions are followed?  Read the latest edition of Legal Corner on MetroDetroitMommy.com to learn what course of action one can take.

When Divorced Parents Disagree on Medical Care for their Children