"Protecting Children"

Kids’ Mini Estate Plan

Kid’s Mini Estate Plan

Nominate Guardians for your children with a fast, easy, and affordable solution.   Nominations can be made outside of your current Estate Plan with a “Kids’ Mini Estate Plan.”  This plan is the perfect solution for busy parents who want a Protective Plan in Place for children immediately.  This plan focuses solely on putting in place protections for your minor children so you can ensure they are well-taken care of if something unexpected happens to you.

The Kids’ Mini Estate Plan includes the following documents:

Temporary Authorization to Consent to Medical Treatment for children – Obtain peace of mind knowing your children will have a trusted individual of your choosing in charge of their medical care when you are not available.

Nomination of Guardians for long-term physical custody or temporary custody, and financial matters – This is perfect for short-term situations such as out of town athletic tournaments or when parents go on vacation.

Consent Letters for your Guardians – This explains their duties and responsibilities, as well as their signature of consent.

Emergency Instructions for Family Members and Babysitters – Post this in a visible location in your home for easy access.

The Kid’s Mini Estate Plan provides parents peace of mind in knowing that those you treasure the most in this word will be loved and cared for, by the people of your choosing.

Mini Estate Plan’s are billed at a flat rate and start at $495.00.

Choosing a Guardian for your Children

A legal guardian is an adult designated to care for a child in the event both parents pass away while that child is still a minor. While the thought of not being here for your children might make you uneasy, choosing a guardian for them is a decision that should be made sooner rather than later.

A common misconception is that a family member would automatically receive custody of your child.  The reality is that unless you specifically name a guardian in your will, anyone can step forward and ASK for the job of being guardians.  If this happens, a judge will decide who gets custody.  The person the judge chooses may not be the person you had in mind.

Helping you choose Guardians for your Children

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