When Divorced Parents Disagree on Medical Care for their Children


Often in marriage, spouses find themselves at opposite ends of an issue. In the best scenarios, partners will reach an understanding either by way of compromise or by graciously conceding. 

The stakes are raised, however, when those opposing views relate to an issue the parents feel strongly about.  While contrasting positions on child rearing, in general, frequently become a source of friction, tensions are increased tenfold when it comes to decisions of great consequence, such a medical decisions.  After all, each has the best interest of the child in mind and is not willing to risk their child’s health. 

Now add to that scenario a set of divorced parents.  Negotiations may well end in a standstill.  Then what?  What recourse does a parent with shared legal custody have to ensure that their decisions are followed?  Read the latest edition of Legal Corner on to learn what course of action one can take.  When Divorced Parents Disagree on Medical Care for their Children



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Research and Writing Seminar


Esqueda Law participated in advising school children in the Houston, Texas area on the basics of good research and writing techniques.  The children were beginning to work on individual persuasive writing papers and learned very useful information about checking sources, respecting intellectual property creators, and effectively seeing both sides of an issue in order to better boost present your views.  

The seminar was interactive with children eagerly and enthusiastically asking very intelligent questions pertaining to their specific topics of interest.

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Expert Day – Career Presentation


Esqueda Laws principal attorney  Liza Ann Esqueda participated in a Career Day presentation aimed at elementary school children.  The children engaged in a discussion focussed on what skills are needed to become a lawyer, the education that is required for the job, as well as what a typical day on the job is like.

The program is aimed at connecting children to industry professionals nationwide in order to bring real world relevance to learning.

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Liza Esqueda is the newest contributor to the popular website  Liza will be the contributing writer on the “Legal Corner” section of the site where she will cover legal topics that relate to parenting.

The Metro Detroit Mommy website is aimed at parents in the greater Detroit Metro area with a focus on a wide range of parenting information.

Check out the site for the latest parenting information from Esqueda Law, PLLC.


Metro Detroit Mommy Blogger:

Liza’s experience at preparing Comprehensive Estate Plans, including Wills, Trusts, durable Powers of Attorney and related documents, allows her to help each client develop an Estate Plan that is personalized to their needs.  Liza regularly handles helping parents choose guardians for their children, multi- generational planning, planning for second marriages, and planning for times of incapacity or disability.   She designs Estate Plans tailored to each client’s specific needs and believes every person deserves to have an estate plan that is shaped by their own set of unique circumstances.

She also assists clients with guardianship and conservatorship proceedings, and pre- marital and domestic partnership agreements. Whether planning or administering an estate, Liza is committed to providing exceptional legal service that is personalized and affordable for every client.

Liza received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Texas at San Antonio and received her Juris Doctor degree from Western Michigan University Thomas Cooley Law School.

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